Claytopia is broken!

September 2015

In early September was hacked by some jerk hackers who damaged parts of the site, which caused my host to look into the hacking, which caused them to discover that the way I was hosting violated my Terms of Service.

Thus I've decided to move Claytopia to a new server in an ASP.NET environment. This will require me to redevelop Claytopia which is kind of a good thing; I haven't done any signficant design changes to the site since 2003 and a lot of it is now outdated/outmoded. Plus the content was really stale.

Odds are what rises from these ashes will not resemble the old Claytopia that much. It's time to repurpose the site to focus on the things that are important to me, and about me.

Given my present workload this is going to be a lengthy process, but starting from scratch will reinvigorate the site and me as well.

Keep checking back...things are happening.

All the best,

Clayton Rumley

© 2015, & Clayton Rumley